Terms of Contracts

1. Payments:

Payments online store Beautiful wstążki.pl can be made:
- Postal transfer,
- Electronic transfer,
Bank commission expenses borne by the customer. Seller will launch contracts after receipt of payment on behalf of the vendor specified in the order confirmation sent to the Client. The date of payment using a bank transfer to the bank account of the traditional vendors, is considered to date booking payment on account of the Seller.

2. Placing an order

Orders can be placed via the website wstazka.pl using the tab "Order". To order, please wstazka.pl website, fill in all fields to order: - Provide complete and accurate mailing address (delivery address), which is not at the mailbox, - Enter your e-mail, - Provide a phone number to enable the Sellers contact in case of doubt associated with the contract, - The description given product codes and quantity of the products, -, Click on "send". - The description should be given to issue an invoice if the customer has requested its receipt. Seller sends a notice by email to e-mail client with the exact amount to be paid. In the mail there is information about the details of orders and order number, which should be used when dealing with the Seller, and Seller's bank account number to which they must make a deposit. Seller will ship your ordered goods by mail order via first class registered mail, which costs shall be borne by the buyer. In the absence of receipt of payment to the Seller within 7 days from the date of the Order by the Customer, Your order will be canceled.

3. Implementation of Orders

Implementation of orders made in the store begins when the impact of the bank account of Seller's payment order. The order will be realized under the condition that the product is in stock. Orders are executed in the order they are received by the Seller. In case of unavailability of the goods covered by the Purchase Order resulting from the exhaustion of the goods on stock, the customer is informed about the state procurement electronically, and makes decisions about how its implementation (partial completion or cancellation of all contracts). In this situation, order will not be completed until the customer does not notify the Seller of its decision. In the absence of such information, after 7 days from the submission of inquiries to the customer, the order will be canceled. If the product is permanently unavailable and it is the only item in the Order, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the Contract, the Client will be notified electronically or by telephone. Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the contract, if data provided by the Buyer are incomplete, incorrect or raise doubts as to its accuracy. In that case, Seller will try to contact you by e-mail or telephone to clarify the situation. In the absence of contact with the customer or the customer fails to respond to the query to the Seller within 7 days of sending such a request order will be canceled. Orders are usually assembled within 2 working days. Except cases, when the time between placing an order and its confirmation by the customer will be extended and Commodity lacking in Stock Order picking time may be longer. In that case, Seller shall contact the Buyer by telephone or e-mail to inform him of the situation. For each order is issued or a bill at the request of the Customer invoice. In case of submission by the client request an invoice to the Order, which was issued to the Client account, Seller shall issue a VAT invoice, if such an obligation results from existing legislation and the principles arising from these regulations. This also applies to the issue by the Seller, duplicate invoices and credits. Additional costs of sending by the Seller to the Customer invoice, in duplicate, and that her memo borne by the Client, if you need this sent due to reasons attributable to the customer. Order processing takes place on weekdays from Monday to Friday. If canceled orders when customer has already paid up orders, payment is returned to the designated bank account by the customer. In the event that the Customer overpayment is attributable to the Customer, the amount of the overpayment, including payment for canceled for reasons attributable to the Customer Order, shall be returned to the Customer less the costs of the postal or bank fees.

4. Delivery

Delivery of ordered goods is carried out by registered mail a priority for the Polish Post Office. The term of delivery to the customer is the total duration of the contract plus the expected time of delivery to the Purchaser in accordance with the chosen method of delivery. The costs of delivery of the Goods are indicated in the Price List Delivery. Upon receipt of the Goods the Purchaser is required to check in the presence of the employee of the Polish Post Office condition of the delivered goods. In particular, pay attention to whether the packaging is intact, whether the goods are not damaged in the transport, and is compatible with the order. In case of damage, the Customer must report this fact to the employee of the Polish Post and draw in the presence of the employee's complaint form. Seller is not responsible for the failure of the Goods or delay in delivery caused by the customer giving incorrect or inaccurate address. Client shall receive a package containing merchandise complies with the order. If the customer does not pick up the shipment, and the Post Office return it to the Seller, the Seller will attempt to contact the Customer by electronic means. Failure to reply within 7 working days means Customer giving up the order. The customer is obligated to pay the fee for re-sending the package, according to the cost of delivery of the Goods, regardless of the value of ordered goods and to cover the cost of return delivery to the Seller. Costs above should be paid by bank transfer to the account of Seller. Goods will be sent after receipt of payment. In a situation where the customer decides not to re-send him the Order, Seller will return the total paid by the contract value less the cost of delivery of the Goods and the cost of return delivery to the Seller, regardless of the value of ordered goods.
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